Events and Programs

Calendar Events

July 2020
  • Class of 2023 Social Mixer (7/27)
  • Professional Development Seminar with Professor Forest White (7/22)
  • Coffee Chats with Professor Langer and Professor Hammond (7/20, 7/24)
  • Coffee Chats with Professor Grodinsky and Professor Laufenburger (7/13, 7/15)
August 2020
  • BE Upperclassmen Panel (8/5)
  • Racism in Biology Talk led by Dr. Temitope Awosogba, MD (8/5)
  • Coffee Chats with Professor Irivine and Professor Jasanoff (8/3, 8/4)
September 2020


October 2020
  • BE Career Fair (date TBD) – send questions you have about the career fair to!



Associate Advising

BE Upperclassmen have the opportunity to be an Associate Advisor to a rising Course 20 sophomore and provide invaluable advice on classes, getting UROPs, and career guidance. 

Course 20 Freshman Pre-Orientation Program

Every fall, we host a BE FPOP for rising MIT freshman to learn more about Course 20!

Course 20 Speed Dating

Get to connect and be friends with other Course 20 students with shared academic and extracurricular interests.