Current Board Members

Position People (
Student Board Coordinators Ben Allsup (allsup)
Nicholas Nolan (ncn)
Secretary Connie Wang (wangcm)
Treasurer Eric Lu (ericjlu)
Academic Representatives Cathy Wang (catwang)
Christine Zheng (crzheng)

Sarah Sobol (sarahs13)

Social Chairs Cora Wendlandt (coraw)
Rachel McGinn (rachmcg)

Bishal Thapa (bishalt)

Malik George (malikgeo)

Athletic Chair Miles George (milesg8)
Diversity Chairs Riyam Al Msari (riyam98)

Varshini Ramanathan (varsh)

Lounge Representatives Bo Tu (btu)

Brian Cho (chobr)

Community Service Chairs Tran Luu (tranluu)
Amanda Chan (aochan)
GSC Representatives Cathy Wang (catwang)
Christine Zheng (crzheng)
First-year Representative Ren Ramlan (lramlan)
Welcoming Chairs Jacob Hochfelder (jacobhoc)
Ariana Barreiro (arianab)

Owen Farchione (farchio)

Webmaster Remi Akindele (oluremi)
REFS Liason Jacob Hochfelder (jacobhoc)
Sustainability Chair Vincent Kang (wxkang)

Descriptions of Positions

Student Board Coordinators: The Student Board Coordinators organize and run monthly BE board meetings. They ensure that BE board initiatives are carried out, serve as contacts between the students and the faculty/administration, sit on a variety of committees (Grad Program Committee, Grad Admissions Committee, Visiting Committee, etc.), and are responsible for collecting & communicating student feedback.

Secretary/Webmaster: The Secretary/Webmaster keeps meeting minutes and sends them to the BE graduate student community. The webmaster portion of the position requires the Google calendar to be updated and the BE Board website to be maintained with up-to-date information.

Treasurer: The Treasurer maintains an updated budget and keeps each committee informed about their spending status. The treasurer compares expenditures with Susan Jaskela in the BE office monthly to keep the budget balanced. The treasurer also acts as a liaison between the board and additional funding sources such as the GSC.

Academic Representatives: The academic representatives are in charge of managing the Industrial Seminar Series in which past BE graduates, or other relevant speakers, return to MIT to give a seminar explaining their current jobs in order to present student with options post-graduation. They are also in charge of the annual student survey, and analyze and pass relevant results to the BE administration. They organize study breaks for the first years before written qualifying exams and help plan the post-quals celebration.

Social Chairs: The Social Chairs plan and organize social events such as the monthly TGIFs. They also help the administration to organize Department-organized events like BBQs, the Holiday Party, and the Profscars. The Social chairs often collaborate with the Diversity Representative to increase awareness of departmental diversity. Additionally, the social chairs often coordinate with other departments to encourage inter-department socialization.

Athletic Chair: The Athletic Chairs advertise available IM sports to BE students and faculty and organize teams for the sports where interest exists, occasionally combining with other departments. They find captains for each team and represent BE at the IM sports affiliation meetings once per semester. They ensure necessary equipment and oversee equipment storage and enable captains’ access to storage equipment.

Diversity Chairs: The BE Diversity Representative increases awareness and education about the different groups represented within the department. They often coordinate with the Social and Academic Chairs and have planned both speaker-based and social events.

Lounge Representative(s): The Lounge Representative is in charge of maintaining food and drink stocks in the BE Graduate Student Lounge.They also help organize get-togethers in the lounge to make use of its amenities (e.g., Game Nights).

Community Service Chair(s): The Community Service Chair increase efforts to increase BE’s involvement with community service projects within the department and Institution as well as in the greater Boston/Cambridge community. They are also responsible for the annual BE Staff Appreciation Gift.

GSC Representative(s): The GSC Representatives represent the BE Board at meetings of the Graduate Student Council, keep the BE board informed about the proceedings of the GSC, monitor the BE Board’s Association of Student Activities membership and seek additional funding for BE events through these avenues. By maintaining GSC membership, the BE Board becomes eligible for GSC funding and collaboration.

The Welcoming Chairs: The Welcoming Chairs share the responsibilities of overseeing interview weekend, hosting the post written qualifying exam celebration for the first year students, and coordinating the panel for second year students preparing for their oral qualifier exam.

First-Year Representative: The First-year Representative facilitates interactions between the BE Board and the first year class, making known the needs and opinions of the class. The first-year rep is also encouraged to take a GSC rep position, which gives us access to more GSC funds for our events and gives you experience with larger grad student governance at MIT.

Sustainability Chair(s): The Sustainability Chairs guide the BE community on sustainability best practices both in & out of the lab. They also act as liaisons sharing sustainability & climate-relate seminars & events around MIT with the BE community, and work with BE Staff to make BE a more sustainable department.


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