About BEUB

Pronunciation: Be-yoob
Definition: A gaggle of BE undergraduates who love course 20 and are dedicated to enhancing the course 20 experience

The BE Undergraduate Board organizes monthly events to connect students with faculty and each other, as well as annual events in service of professional development. We’re always brainstorming how to better serve our fellow students. To find out more, please visit the Events and Programs page. 

You can contact us at any time at beub-exec@mit.edu with any questions or feedback about events, website features, etc. You can also leave feedback by filling out our eternal survey.

Current Members (2018-2019)

We elect BEUB members in the spring, so stay tuned if you’re interested in joining!


Vivian Zhong ’19 and Steven Truong ’20
BE interests: PLANTS, synthetic biology, and metabolic engineering (her); immunology explains everything (him)

If for some reason you only want to reach the presidents, please email beub-president@mit.edu.


Divya Ravinder ’20


Sharon Chen ’20

Career Expo and Research Symposium Coordinator

Damon Berman ’19

FPOP Coordinator

Hanna Tseng ’19

BE Interests: infectious diseases, working with non-bioengineers to each them about the wonders of bioengineering and make bioengineering more accessible to the public

Non BE Interests: Calligraphy, Painting, Cheerleading, Leadership, Working with Children, Languages


Student Relations 

Valentino Sudaryo ’19

BE Interests:  biotherapeutics, immunology and its application, oh and ALPACAS!!!

Non-BE interests: NBA basketball, travel photography, pencil sketching, dancing and singing when no one’s looking