Welcome to the Biological Engineering Undergraduate Board Page!

The BE Undergraduate Board (BEUB) is a group of student-elected undergraduate BE students who are dedicated to enhancing the Course 20 experience. We organize monthly social events to connect students with faculty and each other, host annual professional development career fairs and lecture series, plan the fall Course 20 freshman orientation program, run the Sophomore Orientation brunch, and more!

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We’re always brainstorming how to better serve our fellow students! Feel free to contact BEUB at any time by emailing beub-exec@mit.edu with any questions or feedback. You can also leave feedback by filling out our eternal survey.

Current Board Members (2021-2022)

If you’re interested in joining the BE Undergraduate Board, lookout for an email at the end of the spring semester to apply for a position!


Desmond Edwards ’22 and Linda Yu ’22 (contact at beub-pres@mit.edu)

Salut, I’m Desmond (’22) and I serve as one of BEUB’s Co-Presidents. I’m originally from Jamaica, and along with Course 20, I’m double majoring in Course 7 and minoring in French. On campus, I’m also involved with the MIT Biotech Group (biotech.mit.edu), the Quidditch Team (@mitquidditch), and the Lamason Lab as a UROP. One of the things I love the most about Course 20 is that there are a great number of opportunities for me to explore my interests in infectious diseases, molecular and synthetic biology, and development of novel therapeutics. Outside of school, I’m pretty fond of video games (especially Smash) and anime (usually a good psychological thriller or fantasy shounen/seinen). I’ve been a part of BEUB since last year as a Professional Development Chair, so I’m looking forward to continuing a lot of the work we began last year, as well as starting up some new initiatives. Feel free to reach out if you have any comments, concerns, thoughts, suggestions, or just want to talk!
Secretary and Public Relations Chair

Anjali Chadha ’23

Hi! My name is Anjali and I am a junior Course 20 + 21L. I am BEUB’s secretary, so I send out weekly newsletters, organize the sophomore orientation brunch, and communicate with associate advisors. Reach out to me with any information that you would like pubbed to the department! Outside of BEUB, I am super-uropping in the Church Lab at Harvard Medical School, and I used to UROP in the Weiss Lab.
Professional Development Chairs

Julian Zulueta ‘23 and Shirley Li ‘23

Hey everyone! I’m Julian, and I’m a rising junior and the Professional Development Co-Chair for the BEUB. I am thrilled to be a part of this board and help represent you and your professional goals. Throughout this year, I’ll be collaborating with Shirley to bring you various opportunities to explore bioengineering through alumni chats, career expo, and various workshops to meet your needs. As part of Course 20, I believe it’s the small things—the 20.110 pset parties, BE zoom chats, and overall collaboration—that make me proud to be a part of bioengineering and represent our major. Accordingly, always feel free to reach out to me, and I hope we can work together have an awesome year for bioengineering.

Hi! I’m Shirley Li, your professional development co-chair! I’m a rising junior from Hawaii interested in computational biology working in the Davis lab to simulate cryo-EM micrographs with machine learning. Outside of class, I’m a mentor for Amphibious Achievement and an avid swimmer, surfer, and advocate for mental health
FPOP Coordinators and Social Chairs

Anru Tian ’23 and Amy Zhong ’23

Hello everyone! My name is Anru and I am a current rising junior in Course 20 from Ohio! I am the BEUB co-Social Chair and FPOP Coordinator with Amy. I’m super excited to bring fun and inclusive events to the Course 20 community this year now that we are back in person. I also UROP at the Whitehead Biomedical Institute and am a senior associate in the MIT Biotech Group. Looking forward to a great year and feel free to reach out!

Hi! I’m Amy, a rising junior in Course 20 minoring in 6 and I serve as co-BEUB Social Chair/FPOP Coordinator along with Anru! I’ve spent my summer working on my UROP in the Kamm Lab (improving 3D in-vitro models of vascularization) and planning our Course 20 FPOP. Outside of school, you’ll find me painting (check out MIT Borderline!), listening to audiobooks, watching KPOP/video essays, or doing random puzzles. Anru and I are looking forward to bringing back in-person social events for the BE Community—if there’s anything you would like to see in particular, feel free to talk to us!
Treasurer and Lounge Master

Catherine Griffin ’23

Hi I’m Catherine! I’m a junior in Course 20 from North Carolina. I love all this microbial biology and plant biotechnology. This summer I am working at a biotech startup in Cambridge doing stem cell research. I love to eat/make vegan food, hike, and to boulder (my latest hobby).